Tryst with Cardiac surgery

 I do not have any idea as to what to write and publish in the public glare. But I would initially like to bring notice to my life and the things that I do on a daily basis. I am a doctor. Cardiac surgeon to be specific. I lately finished my Mch degree which stands for master of chirurgie, which is latin for master of surgery. This is the end of road to the 13 year long training program for a doctor. I started in 2008, joined MBBS in a small town called bellur. Did that for 5 and a half years, did Master of surgery in Bangalore medical college and finally Mch in AIIMS.                  So u might think that I should be knowing things inside out, can answer on any queries that you have or be able to advice on all stuffs under the sun. No, that’s not true. I am now more scared of giving advice than when I was in MBBS. I now know the vastness and the futile pursuit of chasing behind all knowledge. Specialization is the answer. Knowing everything about some stuff is far better than knowing
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